Latest News

(4/21) Finished a new work called Snipe on progressive visualizatoin of large networks.
(2/21) Co-chairing the VLDB 2021 Industrial Track.
(2/21) A joint paper with Informatics colleagues titled "Why Do People Oppose Mask Wearing? A Comprehensive Analysis of US Tweets During the COVID-19 Pandemic" accepted by JAMIA .
(1/21) Co-teaching Stats170A titled "Project in Data Science".
(10/20) Together with Prof. David Timberlake of Public Health, received a grant from TRDRP on social media analysis on tobacco.
(10/20) Gave a keynote talk titled Collaborative Interdisciplinary ML-Centric Data Analytics at Scale at NDBC 2020.
(9/20) Check our Amber video and Texer demo video at VLDB 2020.
(7/20) Paper titled "Tempura: A General Cost-Based Optimizer Framework for Incremental Data Processing" accepted by VLDB 2021.
(7/20) Became the Faculty Director of the ICS Master of Computer Science Program.
(6/20) Received an NSF RAPID grant with Profs. Gloria Mark and Suellen Hopefer on Covid-19 analysis using social media.
(6/20) Our paper titled "Demonstration of Interactive Runtime Debugging of Distributed Dataflows in Texera" has been accepted by VLDB 2020.


The following are the recent offerings of the courses I teach regularly.

  • CS122B: Projects in Databases and Web Applications. [W19], [S18], [W18].
  • CS222/CS122C: Principles of Data Management. [F19], [F18], [F17].
  • CS222P: Principles of Data Management (for MCS students). [W20], [F18], [F17]
  • CS221: Information Retrieval. [S19]
  • STATS170AB: Project in Data Science. [W20].