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Phone:  (949) 824-9470 (Office)
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Information Systems Group

Recent News

  • (9/18) Taewoo Kim has successfully defended his PhD thesis. Congratulations, Dr. Kim!
  • (5/18) The SoCal Social Analytics Workshop was a success.  Check the web site for the talk slides and videos, and an ICS School article about this event.
  • (3/18) I am organizing a SoCal Social Analytics Workshop in May 11 at UC Irvine.
  • (1/18) This quarter I am teaching CS122B with a few ideas to further improve this course.
  • (12/17) Our paper titled “Supporting Similarity Queries in Apache AsterixDB” has been accepted by EDBT. AsterixDB is the first open-source DBMS system with full support of various similarity operations (edit distance and Jaccard, selection and join).
  • (12/17) I am looking for 1-2 new systems-oriented PhD students working on AsterixDB and Cloudberry. Previous system-building experiences are a big plus!
  • (11/17) Jianfeng has successfully defended his PhD thesis.  Congratulations, Dr. Jia!
  • (10/17) Paper titled “Drum: A Rhythmic Approach to Interactive Analytics on Large Data” with Jianfeng Jia and Mike Carey accepted by the IEEE Big Data 2017 conference.
  • (10/17) Big Viz of Big Data: Thanks to our colleagues at ARL, we release this nice picture of running Cloudberry/AsterixDB on a large display of 24 monitors.  Call it “1 billion tweets on 48 million pixels!” 🙂
  • (9/17) Paper titled “Caching Geospatial Objects in Web Browsers” with students accepted by ACM SIGSPATIAL 2017 (demo track)
  • (9/17) Paper titled “Visual Analytics Ecology for Complex System Testing” with students and ARL colleagues accepted by Visualization in Practice 2017 at IEEE VIS 2017.
  • (9/17) Together with Profs. Mike Carey and Vassilis Tsotras (UCR), we received a gift grant from Google for our AsterixDB work.  Thank you, Google!
  • (9/14/17) Our TwitterMap (powered byCloudberry and AsterixDB) has more than 1 billion tweets now (~2TB)!
  • (9/7/17) Visited MSR in Redmond and happy to see the great colleagues again!
  • (9/17) Congratulations to Jianfeng for receiving a Google Graduate Student Award in ICS!
  • (9/17) Received an NSF EAGER grant for the Texera project.
  • (8/17) Received an NIH subcontract (though UCLA) on using AsterixDB and Cloudberry for HIV studies with social media data.
  • (8/17) We renamed TextDB to Texera to better reflect its value proposition, since it’s not a DB.
  • (8/17) Visited the Army Research Lab and gave a talk about Cloudberry and AsterixDB. Excited to see the TwitterMap on a huge display!
  • (8/2/17) Check the video to show our latest TextDB user interface.
  • (7/2/17) Visited a few companies in the bay area, including Google, Huawei, and Teradata.
  • (6/17) Summer: working with our team on the research projects!
  • (4/26/17) Our TextDB demo at ICDE 2017 won the Best Demo award 🙂
  • (4/2017) This quarter I am again teaching CS122B titled “Projects in Databases and Web Applications,” and planning to make some changes, e.g., adding Google Cloud Platform.
  • (4/2017) I also teach CS290 titled “Text Analytics in the Big Data Era,” in which I work with a team of graduate students to conduct research in the context of the TextDB project.
  • (1/2017) Glad to announce that the recent Couchbase Analytics extension is based on the Apache AsterixDB codebase 🙂
  • (1/2017) This quarter I am teaching CS122B titled “Projects in Databases and Web Applications.”
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