Latest News

(7/20) Paper titled "Beanstalk: A General Cost-Based Optimizer Framework for Incremental Data Processing" accepted by VLDB 2021.
(7/20) Became the Faculty Director of the ICS Master of Computer Science Program.
(6/20) Received an NSF RAPID grant with Profs. Gloria Mark and Suellen Hopefer on Covid-19 analysis using social media.
(6/20) Our paper titled "Demonstration of Interactive Runtime Debugging of Distributed Dataflows in Texera" has been accepted by VLDB 2020.
(4/20) Teaching CS122B ("Projects in Databases and Web Applications") and STATS ("Project in Data Science") this quarter.
(3/20) Check the CoronavirusTwitterMap our team is developing to visualize coronavirus-related tweets.
(3/20) Our paper titled "Marviq: Quality-Aware Geospatial Visualization of Range-Selection Queries Using Materialization" has been accepted by ACM SIGMOD 2020.


  • Here is a page about the instructions for PODS’2005 Camera-Ready Submissions
  • I wrote a page about how to use type-1 fonts in PDF paper submissions
  • I am helping a nonprofit organization called Angel Heart International to help children with congenital heart diseases (CHD) in China and other developing countries.
  • About my name: Many people are confused by my name, since both “Chen” and “Li” can be a first name and a last name in Chinese. In fact, “Chen” is my FIRST name, meaning “Morning,” since I was born in a morning. “Li,” often written as “Lee,” is my LAST name, which is very popular in Chinese. Most people call me “Chen.” The following is my name in Chinese: 
  • Our son, Dennis Danhao Li, was born on Dec. 12, 12:45 PM, 2002, at the UCI Medical Center. He was 8 lbs. and 7 ozs (3820g) and 20 in (51cm). Here are some pictures!
  • Our second son, Kenny Kangxiong Li, was born on Feb. 11, 11:12 AM, 2005, at the UCI Medical Center. He was 8 lbs. and 10 ozs (3920g) and 19.5 in (49.5cm). Here are some pictures.
  • Our two sons looked almost identical when they were born! Here’s Dandan’s picture after he was born:

Here’s Kangkang’s picture after he was born: